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Fighting Jokes

Fighting Jokes



  • I didn’t say I knew how to fight.  I said I knew how to win.
  • He was a colorful fighter—black and blue and blood red.
  • “You said you could beat him hands down.” “He doesn’t want to keep his hands down!”
  • He fought like a baseball pitcher—at the end of the fight he had a no-hitter.
  • He was a crossword-puzzle fighter—he came into the ring vertically and left horizontally.
  • He once had a fight with a woman. He would have won if she hadn’t hit him back with her crutch!
  • He never bled after the third round. By that time he was all out of blood.
  • He bled so much, after his fight the Red Cross used to siphon up the canvas!
  • He has more belts than any other fighter— and all on his chin!

That’s Mean

He was so mean, when he called dial a prayer they told him to go to Hell.

Picking Your Battles

A bulldog can whip a skunk any day of the week…but it’s just not worth it.

No Contingency Plan?

A successful Irish boxer was converted and became a preacher. He hap­pened to be in a new town setting up his evangelistic tent when a couple of tough thugs noticed what he was doing. Knowing nothing of his background, they made a few insulting remarks. The Irishman merely turned and looked at them. Pressing his luck, one of the bullies took a swing and struck a glancing blow on one side of the ex-boxer’s face. He shook it off and said nothing as he stuck out his jaw. The fellow took another glancing blow on the other side. At that point the preacher swiftly took off his coat, rolled up his sleeves, and announced, “The Lord gave me no further instructions.” Whop![i]

[i] Swindoll, Charles R. Swindoll’s Ultimate Book of Illustrations and Quotes.


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