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Voting & Elections in General

Ever since I can remember I have been of the opinion that, if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain if the country goes to pot.  I viewed non-voters as complacent, lazy, or just plain frustrated with the choices.   But recently I was reading a book entitled Taking America Back by Joseph Farah.  While I can’t say I will always follow his advice, I can say as a Christian, his words ring true.  So without elaborating, I will just quote him and allow you to comment.

“You can’t vote for the lesser of two evils because that is still voting for evil.  It’s better not to participate in evil at all.  This is a hard one for many Americans who have become conditioned to the idea that voting is their central civic duty.  It may be-but not if it means supporting evil, even a shade of evil…
… So many Americans say that failure to vote for one of the two major party candidates in any election is tantamount to “throwing your vote away.”  I say voting for an illegitimate candidate-one who will not live under the rule of law and abide by the Constitution-is throwing your vote away.  If you don’t have a choice, don’t vote.  Don’t pretend you have a choice.  Don’t dignify corrupt system with your participation in a charade.”


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