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Independent Baptist


A little 10 year-old girl sat down at the dinner table one day.  Her parents sort of knew something was wrong.  They’d pass her food but she’d say, “I’m not hungry.”  Finally, she broke down crying.  Her daddy said, “What’s wrong honey?”  She said, “Today at school some kids were making fun of me because I’m adopted and yall aren’t my real parents.”  She said, “It just hurts!”  Her adoptive daddy brushed her hair back and wiped away her tears.  He said, “When you go back to school tomorrow, I want you to tell them little hellions something – You tell them that their parents had to take what they got!  But when you were just a little baby I passed by your nursery window.  I didn’t owe you a thing – I was under no obligation to you.  But I said Bless God I want that little girl right there!  I’m taking her home with me and I’m putting her in my family.” (Phil Kidd)

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