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Narcissists – Identifying a Mental Abuser

I believe that there is a set of behaviors that go together. In other words, I think that every narcissist is a liar, a manipulator, a cheater, an actor,  always in need of support, pessimistic, inappropriately seductive, a thief, and is a totally insecure person who often acts the opposite of all the above.

So, they ACT trustworthy, honest, truthful, loyal and secure, but they will abuse you emotionally, mentally and if you let them, physically too.

Additionally, I have found that they never have only that one affair you caught them at. They have multiple affairs often, and when they are caught, they will never suddenly drop to their knees and say, “I have been unfaithful to you many times with many people.” No.  Instead, they will make a grand production out of the one time you know about.    This gives them the satisfaction of knowing there are many things you did not find out about. That helps them return to those other relationships more confident than before.

They use psychological excuses such as, “I can’t help it, I have a multiple personality problem, so sometimes I don’t even know what the other “me” is doing.” BS! Do you hear that? BS! They are so deeply involved in the “Me, me, me, I, I, I,” syndrome. They hide their extreme selfishness with the opposite. They will say, “I am always doing things for everyone else, but never for myself.” That is again, BS!

Never, ever, forget that these abusers will use the defense mechanism know as, “denial,” to trick you and even themselves. Remember they act the opposite of what they are. So, expect a show of courage and bravery to mask cowardice and inability to face reality.

Sometimes, you may want to grab them and yell, “Hey, guess what, I have needs too. But, I don’t have affairs to get attention .  I don’t need to lie, cheat, steal, and manipulate  to get what I want . I want attention but I won’t stoop to being a fake, low-class faker, dishonest sleaze.

A narcissist is self-centered creature beyond any comprehension.  He will talk behind peoples’ back, but not to their face, unless it is his spouse or children. He shows no remorse for his actions & blames everyone else for inciting his rage.  There is no way to get through to a narcissist, they simply cannot put themselves into the shoes of another person. They have a complete lack of empathy and apart from the grace of God, they are hopeless.

From www.cheating-infidelity.com with slight editing

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