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Hear Ye The Rod! Judgment’s Voice


“…Hear   Ye   The   Rod…”

The LORD’S voice crieth unto the city, and the man of wisdom shall see thy name: hear ye the rod, and who hath appointed it.”

(Micah 6:9)

In Micah 6:6-9 the Lord has a controversy with


Not ignorance in general, I’m talking about willful ignorance… being stupid on purpose. People don’t like it when you say this or that is God’s judgment.

You want controversy?  Just say Katrina was the judgment of God or tell people Haiti’s earthquake was the judgment of Almighty God.  If you really want to stir them up, say that AIDS is God’s judgment on sodomites.

That’s when people tell you what they really think. Oh, “You’re not very Christlike… Jesus preached love… Jesus said you shouldn’t judge… He said let him that is without sin cast the first stone…” and all that other stuff liberal Devils love to twist and take out of context. (See picture to right)

But even they have to admit, whether you’re talking about AIDS, whether you’re talking about 9/11 or some natural disaster, God still knew about it before it happened… He knew who would get hurt; He knew how many people would die; but He let it happen anyway!

God rules and overrules in the affairs of men and there’s not a tragedy in this world that has ever taken Him by surprise.  In fact I believe He does things to shake us up every now and then… get us out of our comfort zone. “Hear ye the rod!

The purpose of a rod is to bring the pain.  It’s got no mouth but it speaks volumes.  Let me illustrate.  My nephew is a great kid but he can be every bit as stubborn as his uncle Jason.  Mom can say, “Seth, stop that…” But he won’t pay her a bit of attention. She can say, “Stop that or I’ll call your dad…” and he’ll probably hand her the phone.

But when he hears Papa’s belt unbuckle and that pap-pap-pap sound it makes coming out of the belt loops… son, does he ever get cooperative!  He knows he’s sinned and he’s real anxious to get it right.  He hears the rod! And because he hears it, he might not have to feel it.

The problem we have in this country is the same problem Israel had.  We FEEL the rod but we don’t HEAR it. “For the people turneth not unto him that smiteth them, neither do they seek the LORD of hosts.” (Isaiah 9:13)


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  1. This is a bit curious to me. If God is using wide-scale tragedy to punish sinners and warn the rest of the world, then why does He let so many Christians and children die in those tragedies?

    Plenty of Christians, His loyal servants, were killed when Hurricane Katrina hit. Many children died of AIDS because they received infected blood transfusions. Why would God have “punished” them along with sinners when He could have easily spared them?

    His choice of target seems a bit random. Why target Japan when China forces women to have abortions and openly endorses atheism? Why is is that Haiti is hit with the wrath of God when Norway is one of the most developed (and therefore most comfortable) countries in the world despite the fact that only 32% of Norwegians even believe in God?

    Comment by Sacha | April 9, 2011 | Reply

  2. Fair question. My uncle was a Hemophiliac and died of AIDS/HIV he contracted from a tainted blood transfusion. So I know the “innocent” often suffer right along with the wicked. The fact is, it rains on “…the just and on the unjust.” (Matt 5:45)

    Jesus referenced something similar in Luke 13. He was told about some Galilaeans who’d been massacred by Pilate in vs. 1.

    And Jesus answering said unto them, Suppose ye that these Galilaeans were sinners above all the Galilaeans, because they suffered such things? I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.” (Luke 13:2-3)

    So the question is not “Why did God allow them to die?” The question is, “Why does He allow you to live?

    Comment by Jason Elder | April 9, 2011 | Reply

  3. oh god, now they let niggers use wordpress?! make yourself useful, go pick cotton like your grandpa did!

    Comment by :) | September 12, 2011 | Reply

  4. aw, just looked to the profile. no nigger, but in glorious b&w you surely do look like one! my 😦

    Comment by :) | September 12, 2011 | Reply

    • Must be the lips. But dad did pick cotton.

      Comment by Jason Elder | September 12, 2011 | Reply

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