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The Gaffney Serial Killer


The Gaffney Serial Killer of 1968

These are the autopsy photos of Gaffney’s most infamous serial killer; Leroy Martin.  Martin killed 4 women over a 10 day period in 1968.

On February 8, 1968, he contacted a local newspaper editor, telling him where two of his victims could be located, and then threatened to kill even more women until he was “shot down like the dog I am.”[1]

[1]AP  http://www.nydailynews.com/news/us_world/2009/07/04/2009-07-04_serial_killer_on_the_loose_in_rural_south_caroline_residents_.html

When caught, Martin received four life sentences (if I’m not mistaken).  He was killed in prison and lies here in the morgue with an eerie smile upon his face.

Unfortunately recent events have resurrected memories of Martin for many residents.



The community of Gaffney South Carolina has been rocked by a series of murders beginning Saturday with the death of local farmer Kline Cash.

Victim 1

(June 27, 2009)


Cash’s wife is believed to have been the intended target of what Sheriff Bill Blanton calls a serial killer. The unknown perpetrator and coward took the lives of two more Cherokee County residents, reportedly during the funeral services for Mr. Cash.

Victims 2-3

(July 1, 2009)


83-year-old Hazel Linder and her daughter 50-year-old Gina Linder Parker were found a little after 3 PM Wednesday, bound and shot to death in the mother’s home.

Victims 4-5

(July 2, 2009)


Stephen Tyler, owner of Tyler Home Center, and his daughter 15-year-old Abby Tyler were the next victims of this man’s murderous rampage. While her father was pronounced dead at the scene, the younger Tyler was airlifted and later died in the hospital.

What kind of man does this? What kind of person could kill so seemingly indiscriminate of age or gender? “Surely the serial killer can’t be a father,” someone said to me at church.

Their point was that a person with kids of their own couldn’t possibly be so heartless as to take the life of this young girl. But these are the days in which we live. These are the “perilous times” the apostle Paul spoke of in 2Timothy 3. Men are “Without natural affection…incontinent, fierce,” and “despisers of those that are good.”

And I’d like to give you a word of encouragement at this point but there are none. This world is doomed.  “…Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse…” (2Timothy 3:13) Jesus promised, “In the world ye SHALL have tribulation…” BUT, He said, “…be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

I don’t know any of the families personally but my heart goes out to them. I can’t imagine all the waves of emotion that must be sweeping over each one of them. So, I must commend them to the Master of the sea. If there’s anyone Who can calm one of life’s storms its Jesus!  Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus. If not for the Savior I would’ve lost my mind a long time ago. I don’t know how people make it without Him.

Police have released sketches of what they believe the killer looks like [As it turns out, the sketch looks nothing like the actual killer].



“…Their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand,

and the things that shall come upon them make haste.”

(Deuteronomy 32:35)


If you have information regarding this person’s whereabouts please contact CRIMESTOPPERS at (864) 489-2746 or call 911.

There is a reward for his capture.




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  1. I hope the police are investigating the parents who didn’t like Coach Parker. I looked up some articles on Coach Parker, and I hope Mr. Cash and Mr. Tyler were not targeted based on their support of the coach. What if it’s a pissed off parent whose son/daughter didn’t get enough playing time?

    Comment by tryingtofigurethisout | July 6, 2009 | Reply

  2. I am not a Psychic, have no paranormal abilities, but I am what is know as a Pendulum Dowser. I can find anything that cannot be found. The convenient store a few blocks down from my home, was robbed, they had surrounded the parking lot with yellow Police Tape, I dropped my children off at home, drove back to the store, parked across the street, dowsed for the robber, my pendulim pointed where he had gone, I did not know he was on foot, but I walked to the yellow tape, called a Policeman over to me, I told him the exact direction the robber had gone and he told me that is right, because our dogs tracked him that way and then lost him. I told him I would take him to the robber, but he told me he would not go anywhere with me. I had allready proved that I could find the robber, but possibly he thought I was the robber and that was how I knew where he had gone. I will be driving through Gaffny on Wednesday, early in the morning, on my way to Greenville, South Carolina, to get a cracked Cylinder Head rebuilt, I will tell a Policeman what I can do, will possibly do it for him, or if I have to, I will do it by myself, find the dead end road the man is on, will then tell the police where that road is and continue to Greenville. I have done this hundreds of times, with no failures and have even offered to do it for the Forest City Police Department, but they are not interested in my help. I was telling the FBI in Homasosa Florida, that Jessica Lunsford was outdoors, was not hungry, but was having trouble breathing, but they told me their methods were better than mine and then she stopped breathing, within sight of her home, while she was buried in two garbage bags. As soon as I get enough money to go to Aruba, I will tell them where Natallee Holloway is located, but I have no way to tell if my results on Aerial Photographs of the island are accurate. I need to start at the Carlos and Charlies Bar, follow her movement from there and then I will be led immediately to her, alive or dead. If she is at the bottom of the ocean, I will be able to drop a marker, directly over her body. This is an exact science used by the Spaniards 500 years ago, is 100% accurate and takes less than a minute to work. I must have a completely open mind, cannot be by a person that doubts what I am doing, but they can be behind me in a car and their thoughts will not effect me.

    It is possible this man is done killing and the Lord will get Vengeance like he said he would, so I would not be preventing another murder. The man might be dead when I find him, but at least that would bring peace to the community. I believe the man will be asleep when I find him, so it would be possible to arrest him alive, but that is a very remote poassibility, because of the raw emotions. I live about 20 minutes from the area in question, but my finances are very minimal, so the trip on Wednesday will be made with very little money, so I could not possibly do this any sooner, otherwise I would.

    I realize that I have written a very long comment, but I needed to convince you, that I can and will do this for you.

    I will pray tonight, that no more killings happen, before next Wednesday Morning. I plan to get to Greenville by 7:00 AM, so I will be driving through that area, about 5:00 AM, in case you want me to meet the police at a specific location.

    My only equipment will be a large brass Plumb Bob on a String and I can handle any physical situation I run into, without any weaponds, so I will have none on me. I might have a pocket knife, attached to my belt, but the tip is broken off, it is not sharp and I would not use it for anything, except work.


    Comment by Wally Lidberg | July 6, 2009 | Reply

    • you’re serious aren’t you?

      Comment by Jason | July 7, 2009 | Reply

  3. […] The Gaffney Serial Killer […]

    Pingback by Steven Tyler Falls Off Stage | All celebrities online | August 6, 2009 | Reply

  4. Tyler Home Center is now officially and forever closed for good due to the founder, Stephen Hyland Tyler, a descendant of English rebel Wat Tyler.

    Comment by V.E.G. | November 9, 2009 | Reply

    • Didn’t know that. Is there some good history in his ancestry?

      Comment by Jason Elder | November 11, 2009 | Reply

  5. Actually,
    Tyler Home Center is now officially and forever closed for good due to the owner, Stephen Hyland Tyler, a descendant of English rebel Wat Tyler.

    New Stuff:
    He is a cousin of John Tyler.

    Comment by V.E.G. | November 16, 2009 | Reply

  6. Burris is the last name unfortunately linked to tragedy. Randy Burris’s brother shot Kline Cash, so does yet another Randy Burris got hit by a car, and Tom Burris lost his wife Karen Carpenter and Tom Burris was never heard from again to this day.

    Comment by V.E.G. | July 27, 2010 | Reply

    • where and and when was this?

      Comment by Jason Elder | July 27, 2010 | Reply

      • For your information, Randy Burris is hit by a car in Georgia in November of 2001 and Tom Burris in 1983 at the time he lost his wife in California!

        Comment by V.E.G. | August 22, 2010 | Reply

        • So, Randy Burris was Patrick Tracy Burris’ brother?

          Comment by Jason Elder | August 22, 2010 | Reply

          • This Randy Burris (the hero) from Georgia had a brother named Douglas and yet another Randy Burris from Florida had a brother is a perpetrator.

            Comment by V.E.G. | August 28, 2010 | Reply

          • lol you tried to block me

            Comment by Tim Bridges | June 26, 2013 | Reply

  7. Hi, Im actually doing a school project on the gaffney strangler and was wondering how you got the autopsy report and if it would be possible for me to use it in my project? I dont know what type of copy right information is on it? is it a creative commons? Thanks, Krys

    Comment by Krystal hannon | October 25, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Krystal,

      I don’t have any kind of “official” autopsy report but I obtained the autopsy photos from a family friend (a Mr. Carl Hughey) who collected various articles and photographs related to the Strangler.

      I personally scanned in the two images above (from Polaroids I think) so there’s no copyright. Feel free to use what information you can, with or without citation (I know that can be a headache).

      Also, if you don’t have a copy, you should read “I Will Kill Again” by Tommy E. Martin or “A reporter remembers the Gaffney strangler” by Jim Holland. Both will be hard to find online but the library may have them.

      Good luck with your report. God bless

      Comment by Jason Elder | October 25, 2010 | Reply

      • Hello… My name is LeeAnne Rachel Martin and I have tons of information on my grandpa Lee Roy Martin. Please reply back. You and Krystal both.

        Comment by LeeAnne Rachel Martin | December 26, 2017 | Reply

    • Hello… My name is LeeAnne Rachel Martin. I have tons of information about my grandpa Lee Roy Martin. Please reply back. Thanks in advance and God Bless


      Comment by LeeAnne Rachel Martin | December 26, 2017 | Reply

  8. No offense Jaysun but please get my grandpa’s story right. He called the Gaffney Ledger and reported to Bill Gibbons about three bodies. One of which was located in North Carolina. I’m Lee Roy Martin’s grand daughter and yes, I was given his initials at birth. Reply if you want to know anything else.

    Comment by LeeAnne Rachel Martin | December 26, 2017 | Reply

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