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On Father’s Day, I preached on Good and Bad Fathers.   I hate to preach on themes but the importance of Father’s can’t be overemphasized.  This is an excerpt from that message:

In the United States, 68 million men don’t attend any church at all. That’s in spite of the fact that 86% of them, (nearly 9 out of 10) grew up in a church of some kind or another.

And if we’d be honest there’s a huge gap in most of our Independent Baptist churches.  We may have good numbers when it comes to the younger children but attendance for college age kids is pathetic.  I challenge you to do your own study and count the number of college-age kids that you know who live on their own but are still faithful to the house of God. They are few and far between.

That’s why I tell the kids in Sunday school that their church attendance and the way they live right now doesn’t impress me a bit. I know their parents and frankly they’ve got no choice but to live right while under their roof. That’s the way it ought to be. But, my point was that I want to see what they live like when they get out from under mom and dad. When they’re free to do as they please; that’s when we’ll find out what’s really in their hearts.

And so many churches everywhere are struggling to reach out to young people. But sometimes I’m afraid they target youth to the point that they neglect everybody else!

Over and over you hear the same scenario playing out. Some wet-behind-the-ears preacher comes to a church and starts changing things. All of a sudden, the older members are upset because they’ve stopped singing those old hymns about the blood.

Instead of hymn books the words are now up on the screen and members start hearing songs they’ve never heard before. “Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me” becomes an unfamiliar tune.

When you walk into the sanctuary, there’s a band where the choir loft used to be.  They turn down the lights and serve popcorn in the House of God.

Occasionally, some effeminate-looking man with long hair will step on stage and sing some of the most sensual, dead-as-Hell, God-is-my-girlfriend-music you’ve ever heard in all your life.

And though the older saints of God are offended, they’re almost shamed into silence when that liberal snake of a preacher says, “But we’re trying to reach the children!”  Thus, because they want to believe he has good intentions, the people let the preacher lead the church into religious liberalism.

If you know somebody that goes to a church like that, I want you to get a pen and write this down. It may not even be true but it sure does make good preaching. (Sorry, I found these statistics in my notes with no citation.) I read where researchers concluded that

  • If the child is the 1st one to get saved in the family there’s only a 3.5% chance that the rest of the family will get saved.
  • If the mother is the first to get born again then there is a 17% chance that the rest of the family will follow her.
  • But, if the father is the first to get saved then there is a 93% chance that the rest of the family will also get gloriously, wonderfully, saved by the grace of God.

I believe that’s what Paul was talking about when he said, “…Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.” (Ac 16:31) So again, I can’t stress the importance of a Father and the influence he has on the salvation of his family enough.

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